Oil and Gas Success with Large Plate Capabilities

With over 50 years of experience, NobelClad is the proven leader in explosion welding and offers largest collection of clad metals in the world and unmatched, local service in the Middle East. 


The oil and gas and chemical industries in particular rely on our metallurgical expertise and clad products to dependably process oil, acetic and nitric acids, when reliable, safe equipment is paramount.


Whether you’re a fabricator or end-user, we work with you to solve complex material design and processing challenges, from specification to delivery and support.  This includes anticipating and serving your changing supply chain, technology and regulatory needs in the Middle East.


We do this by staying at the forefront of the many clad applications in modern global infrastructure. One such example is our continued investment in large plate capabilities.


Meeting The Growing Global Demand for Large Plates 

We supply large plates for the construction of pressure vessels with heads for storage, heat exchangers and reactors in oil, gas and chemical processing.


Large plates, which are in global demand, are at least 4.8 meters wide and more than 12 meters long, and typically are made from clad of stainless steel, nickel alloys and reactive metals.


The high pressure and temperature environment combined with the variety of chemicals in pressure vessels makes them one of the most important pieces of equipment in the oil and gas industry. 


Pressure vessels are commonly designed as cylinders with end caps called heads; and hemispherical and dished heads are the most typical for oil and gas. Made from walls as thick as 200 millimeters these rounded head designs are just as strong as spheres and use less space than cylinders alone. As a result, NobelClad’s large plates reduce your costs by manufacturing seamless, one-piece heads, which use, on average, 15-20 percent less material and have fewer welds, making them more reliable and safe than traditional crown and petal applications.


 All Clad Is Not Created Equal

With the increasing number of low-cost providers in China, NobelClad offers an alternative when you want the most long-term value from your investment.


While NobleClad is global in scale, our local experts take a customized, market-by-market approach and understand the unique material and design challenges you face as Middle East fabricators, including the need for large-sized clad plate capabilities.


By investing in state-off-the-art equipment, processes and people around the world, NobleClad is poised to fulfill this increasing market demand.  Learn more about these critical investments.


Let's Solve Your Material Design Challenges, Together

We offer a variety of technical services to fabricators and end-users, from free specification reviews to information about the latest clad metal applications.


Please visit our website or LinkedIn page to learn more about our trusted, high-quality operations and our 260 compatible and non-compatible metal combinations. Then, submit this form to ask us a questions or to schedule time with one of our NobelClad experts.