An Inside Look at Sales in Singapore with Cliff Wee

NobelClad has invested in strategic locations and engineering experts across the globe. Cliff Wee, Sales Manager for South East Asia, is one of our engineering experts. Wee is based out of Singapore but supports Oil & Gas and Chemical customers from Myanmar to Vietnam to Indonesia. Wee received a diploma in Commercial Management from the UK and spent 13 years in sales in the piping industries before joining NobelClad two years ago.

“I was surprised by the strong emphasis on work culture which I had never experienced in my previous employments,” Wee commented.

The markets in South East Asia comes with many challenges. Customers often compromise quality for the price without considering the cost of having facility down time in the long run.  For Wee, there is an opportunity to educate end users about total life-cycle costs. When high quality clad is used, design and maintenance costs may decrease over the total lifespan of a vessel or facility. It is important for Wee to be proactively sharing his knowledge and finding solutions for fabricators, design engineers and owner companies alike.

Wee believes customers chose to work with NobelClad for two reasons. “One being that explosion welded clad as the cost-effective solution,” and the other is that the “NobelClad sales team is made up of technical and commercial resources that are collaborative, flexible and supportive.”

Wee enjoys cooking for his family – in fact, if you ever find yourself in Singapore – maybe he will make you his favorite dish: Fried noodles Singapore Style. Outside of work Wee enjoys traveling and spending time with his family. Wee finds success in being “happy with your job and spending quality time with family.”

With the support of highly expertise team in NobelClad, Wee is optimistic that the presence of NobelClad will continue to grow in South East Asia.