An Inside Lookat Inside Sales in Germany with Heike Zengler

As with many other employees at NobelClad, Heike Zengler brings a diverse background to the NobelClad sales team. Her niche expertise in language, business and sales has served as a valuable asset for NobelClad over the years.

Zengler is from Southern Germany and during her university program she enrolled in International Cultural and Business Studies emphasizing Spanish culture and language. She completed her degree dissertation in Linguistics about the influence of the English, as the primary computer language, on the Spanish lexicon. Being that this was in early 2000, Zengler was a pioneer in this thinking.  While Heike “had [her] doubts as there was not historical literature on the topic and access to the internet was limited,” she carried on to introduce a new way of thinking about language and technology.

After spending her gap year teaching Kindergarten, she worked in marketing and sales with a company that distributed culinary supplies to chefs. This experience, engaging with global customers and becoming an expert in a specific product line, proved to lay an excellent foundation for what was to come at NobelClad.

Zengler was intentionally brought on to support southern Europe with her strong knowledge of Spanish speaking countries. Zengler has worked at NobelClad for 12 years and today functions as an Inside Sales person, supporting fabricators located in Germany. “What I like most, and where I love to put my energy, is towards finding solutions for customers and their needs. The more non-standard it is, the more interesting it gets,” said Zengler.

Many don’t know this about Zengler, but when she was younger she practiced Aikido, a Japanese martial art focused primarily on defense. Aikido takes advantage of the energy and physical strength of someone approaching you and moving that to another direction. According to Heike, “it’s a very spiritual thing, the attitude is that you also love the people who attack you, and so the mentality behind this is very interesting.”

Outside of her work at NobelClad, Heike enjoys spending time with her family and is constantly looking to craft things by hand from clay or wood and also is fond of making cheese and baking breads. She admits “sometimes I succeed and sometimes I fail, but I love everything handmade and being creative.”