DetaPipe Pipe Spools & Elbows

NobelClad provides tailored clad solutions for corrosion-resistant piping and elbows. By relying on standard ASME B31.3 carbon steel pipe spools as the pressure containing boundary, DetaPipe™ provides the process reliability, and corrosion performance needed for many high-pressure chemical, geothermal and hydrometallurgy processes with an economic and safety advantage. 

As global leaders in dissimilar metal solutions, we offer DetaPipe for in high pressure processing environments including acetic acid, bio processing, epichlorohydrin, herbicides & pesticides, melamine, pressure oxidation, and urea around the world.

NobelClad is currently offering straight pipe with titanium or zirconium cladding, weld neck flanges or hubs, 6 in (150 DN) to 30 in (750 DN) NPS, up to 314 in (8 m) long.

5D - 10D induction bend elbows, up to 90 degree are available and sizes larger than 16 in (400 DN) NPS must be reviewed by production for handling constraints. 


Explore NobelClad's global experience in providing clad pipes and round products for industrial equipment.

Industry Applications

  • Chemical & Petrochemical

    Other Clad Uses

    Pipe spools
    Flanges and covers