Metal Extraction and Metal Refining

NobelClad offers a wide range of clad metal products for smelting that will help you lower your operating and maintenance costs, while extending the life of your processing equipment. From aluminum smelters to zinc smelters, the operators in this field trust us to help improve their performance with NobelClad’s industry leading ETJ 3000, ETJ 2000 and ETJ 2001 products.

NobelClad can also offer solutions for anode and cathode applications. Other metal processors use our explosion-welded titanium cladding to protect their structural equipment from erosion in high pressure and high temperature processing environments, like those found in metal leaching or hydroprocessing ore. 


Cost effective Composite mechanical properties
Corrosion resistance
Temperature uniformity
Joining incompatible metals
Maintenance reduction
Process efficiency


Chemical tanks
Electrolysis anode junctions
Electrolysis cathode bars
Kettles and crucibles for molten metals
Pressure vessels
Storage tanks
Dewatering columns


Cobalt extraction
Copper extraction
Gold extraction
High pressure acid leaching (HPAL) - Co, Ni
Magnesium production (crucibles)
Nickel extraction
Pressure oxidation leaching (POX) - Au, Cu
Primary aluminum production
Primary zinc production


Aluminum alloys
Titanium alloys
Aluminum alloys


Aluminum alloys
Carbon steels