Building on a long history of supplying DetaCouple or clad transition joints to the marine industry, NobelClad is continuing to expand its metals solutions for marine shipbuilding and to address the unique material challenges of our customers.

When joining steel to aluminum structures – like welding superstructures to decks; joining bulkheads to steel hulls; or fitting shelter decks or components to steel fishing boats – NobelClad transition joints provide superior strength while allowing naval architects and shipbuilders to use a wide range of metals without experiencing welding incompatibility or crevice corrosion.

Our custom solutions are delivered ready for assembly and help reduce your production time and costs, as well as improving the service life to ensure reliability when it matters most. If you are based in Europe, Africa, Asia or the Australian Pacific please contact TriClad to order your DetaCouple joints.


Lightweight design
Composite mechanical properties
Corrosion resistance
Electrical conductivity
Joining incompatible metals
Mechanical fastening alternative
Maintenance reduction


Dissimilar metal welding stubs and tubes
Flanges & covers
Grounding latches
Ship building components
Ship deck drain
Steel to aluminum transition joints
Subsea jumpers




Aluminum alloys
Titanium alloys


Carbon steels
Aluminum alloys
Stainless steels