NobelClad Expands EU Clad Metal Operations and Large Plate Capabilities

While metals have long powered the industrial world, today’s design engineers, fabricators and owner-operators turn to clad metal more than ever for highly specialized electrical, mechanical and thermal uses.


With over 50 years of experience, NobelClad is the proven leader in explosion welding and offers the most customized clad metal products and service experience anywhere in the world.


To best serve the changing needs of our customers, we regularly invest in our people, equipment, and services across the globe. Our European market is no exception. With recent investments, we added:


1. Centralized European Production

In 2015, we centralized European production at our state-of-the-art Liebensheid facility in Germany—the facility, home to nearly 90 employees, is the most advanced explosion welding operation in the world and is located near European metal suppliers and shipping infrastructure.


2. State-of-the-art Large Plate Equipment & Mine Capacity

Thanks to the addition of new capabilities, NobelClad can supply reliable large plates, on time and within budget, to fabricators who construct columns, pressure vessels, and reactors from our clads of stainless steel, nickel alloys and reactive metals, like titanium or zirconium.


To support growing global demand for large clad plates, or those measuring 4 meters  or wider, we installed a welding bench for pre-welding clad metals and expanded our mine chamber capacity and access routes.


With our new rolling leveler, we now can flatten large plates, those up to 3,100 millimeters wide to 12,000 mm long and up to 65mm thick, after bonding. To cut tube sheet discs into custom sizes and applications, we are also installing a  vertical lathe.


3. An Internal Lab for Standard Control Testing 

By conducting shear, tensile and bend tests onsite, NobelClad can expedite project timelines without compromising material and application performance later. We also rely on a network of accredited, local labs to conduct additional tests, such as corrosion or micrography, when required.


4. New service offerings

To offer seamless customer service, NobelClad established partnerships with local, accredited subcontractors, who abide by our strict quality standards, to machine and drill tube sheets. 


We also help customers balance corrosion-resistant properties and costs with our selected weld overlay partners. With readily available metals, weld overlay reduces lead times for a wide range of applications, including flanges, fittings, pipes and valves.


5. Expedited Delivery   

NobelClad added people in technical and commercial roles to work alongside our welding operations, providing better, faster commercial service to customers. With a larger internal team, we ensure high-quality clads and new market application success—which keep customers on schedule and budget. 


We also offer reliable, faster delivery – around three to four weeks – for some applications by keeping popular metals in stock, like titanium and copper-nickel.


As the world’s leading clad plate manufacturer, NobelClad built its reputation solving complex material design and processing challenges. With an unwavering commitment to quality, reliable, and safe products—together with trustworthy, expert service—we re-imagine the way metals perform, powering the world’s industrial infrastructure.


Transform Material Design Challenges into Successful Solutions

We offer a variety of technical services to fabricators and end-users, from free specification reviews to information about the latest clad metal applications.


Take a look through our website to learn more about our trusted, high-quality operations and our 260 compatible and non-compatible metal combinations. Then, submit this form to ask us a questions or to schedule time with a NobelClad Solutions Provider.