From pressure vessels to pipes, heat exchangers to transition joints, the world has relied on NobelClad’s metallurgical expertise and applications based on solutions for more than 50 years.

As the world’s leading manufacturer of clad plates, we built our reputation by joining more than 260 compatible and non-compatible metals with DetaClad™, our proprietary explosion welding process. Today, we are proud to solve demanding material design and processing challenges by joining dissimilar metals using DetaClad™ for the world’s industrial infrastructure. 

Customers rely on our DetaClad™ plates for reliable flat, cylindrical and custom-shaped applications, such as clad heads, pipes, tube sheets, large plates and cylinders. They also rely on NobelClad’s transition joints to permanently weld metals without mechanical fasteners and to make electrical connections between dissimilar metals.

Clad Plates

Our DetaClad™ plates and cylinders, available in 260 compatible and non-compatible metal combinations, are the basis of the world’s pressure vessels, towers and crystallizers.
clad plates
clad tube sheets

Tube Sheets

Our clad tube sheets are made from corrosion-resistant alloys, making them ideal for applications ranging from refrigeration chillers on fishing boats to air conditioners for use in food and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Vessel Heads & Cylinders

NobelClad delivers high-quality clad heads of all sizes for reactors, heat exchangers and process vessels. We adapt our head forming process to specific clad metal combinations. 
clad heads
Clad structural transition joint

Structural Transition Joints

NobelClad’s structural transition joints permanently join metals without mechanical fasteners. Shipbuilders turn to us to connect superstructures and bulkheads to steel hulls, framing and deck components.

Electrical Transition Joints

NobelClad’s electrical transition joints offer strong, low electrical resistance solutions aluminum and zinc smelting, when anode clad and cathode applications must operate at certain temperatures.
Clad electrical transition joints
clad for cryogenic equipment

Cylindra™ Cryogenic Transition Joints

Compared with bolted connection systems, Cylindra offers an easier, more reliable way to connect stainless steel to aluminum pipes for producing liquified natural gas (LNG) and industrial gases in Air Separation Units (ASU).

DetaPipe™ Spools & Elbows

NobelClad offers reactive metal pipe spools and elbows for piping systems in demanding high-pressure processes. This new technology allows for end users to benefit from corrosion resistance performance and process safety.

Our DetaClad™ plate and transition joints are the preferred choice for cost-effective alloy welds that are strong, light, resistant to corrosion and uniform in temperature. From the specification to post-delivery support and service, NobelClad combines metallurgical expertise and creativity, helping customers imagine what is possible with clad metal.