An Inside Look at NobelClad Korea with YS Choi

DMC is truly a global company, with a diverse and experienced workforce around the world.  A great example is the NobelClad office in Busan, South Korea established in 2012.  Though it is 15 hours ahead and 6,217 miles away from DMC headquarters in Boulder; Clad Times was able to catch up with NobelClad’s Director of Asian Sales, YS Choi.

YS Choi has been working at NobelClad for 5 years and manages the team in Busan, Korea.  That group focuses on the Korea, Japan, Taiwan and SEA markets. When asked about the challenges that come in working with international entities, YS told us he “has focused on not only building and stabilizing his Korean team, but also to put an emphasis on developing customer service processes to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction”. Because the Korean team does not have regional manufacturing capability of their own, they stay closely linked to all of the production facilities of NobelClad.  “Ensuring Asian projects remain a primary focus for NobelClad is an integral part of the team’s work,” Choi told us.

The dedication and commitment of the Korean team was evident in a recent order for 78 alloy 625 clad plates with a Korean fabricator. There was heavy competition from roll bond and other explosion welders for the business, but the team was able to leverage relationships and commercial skills to secure the order.   The project is for an offshore field development project in the UAE. This is a great example of NobelClad’s global reach.  

Choi is quite fond of traveling, in fact if he wasn’t working in the explosion welding industry he’d manage a traveling and tour company in South East Asia.  From traveling throughout his region and the world, YS enjoys embracing new cultures and new people.

From participating in conferences or seminars to team lunches, YS looking to expand the tightknit Korean team skillset but also stay up to date on industry trends. “I have a great team, and we have a good time”.  A critical part of a global company is to have great resources covering the globe.  YS Choi is a good example of the strength of NobelClad around the world.