Flattening Services

Flattening services (press flattening and roll flattening) are among NobelClad’s suite of Industrial offered at our U.S. manufacturing facility, in southwest Pennsylvania, which allows us to reliably deliver high-quality, raw material and manufactured services on time and on budget to customers anywhere in the U.S.

Roll flattening is a metal flattening process, either hot or cold, during which metal stock is passed through one or more pairs of rolls to reduce the thickness and make it uniform. After milling or heat treating, metal material often becomes ‘out of flat’ – this makes roll flattening particularly useful to reduce the number of waves in a plate. Our 160” leveler can form material up to 480” long and 3” thick, while our 120” levelers can flatten material up to 300” long and 1” thick.
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Solving Material Challenges

Our expert staff has over 50 years experience working in the metals industry and is well versed in a wide range of alloys including Copper, Aluminum and Titanium.
Press flattening is a cold-forming process by which metal sheets are flattened using a press tool for shaping and detailing. Customers commonly call this service for flattening thicker plates or if the ‘out of flat’ plates contain ‘short range’ waves. Our 1500- & 1800-ton press can flatten material up to 480” long, 160” wide and between 2-8” thick; whereas our 350-ton press can form material up to 72” long, 60” wide and 6” thick.


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NobelClad’s flattening services are available for quick delivery and backed by our ISO 9001-2015 certified Quality System, which guarantees all products are fully inspected and certified according to world-renowned industry standards.