Stéphane Pauly, Director of Sales, Europe

Stéphane Pauly joined NobelClad in the R&D department in 2003.  A graduate of Ecole Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Tarbes with a focus on production management, mechanical and materials science, Stéphane has a technical and business background.  Further, he is certified as a Welding Engineer by the Institut de Soudure.   His first assignments were in extending the capabilities of the explosion welding process and fine tuning the manufacturing techniques used in the company.  His experience with the explosion welding technology made him a logical choice to develop new business for NobelClad starting in 2009.  More recently, Stéphane was appointed the Director of Sales in Europe and leads the commercial team including our agents and representatives in the important regions of Europe, Africa, the Middle East, India and South East Asia.
Stéphane Pauly
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